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Hi! I'm Josh, and if you're in need design work, then you've come to the right place. Worried that a spiffy new site isn't in your budget? Go monthly! I offer great-looking, professional sites at a recurring, monthly rate that's designed to fit your financial situation. So contact me today, and let's get you a website you can truly be proud of. Here are just a few of the services I offer:


Needing someone who is fluent with a specific technology? I can offer that as well! When you hire me for your design needs, you'll be getting someone who not only can instantly shine on to new technology, but also someone who is fluent in all of the following:

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Web Design

For your customers, your website is their first impression. If you have a site that looks old, ugly, or doesn't show up well on their tablet or phone, that makes you instantly look cheap and unreliable. Contact me, and I'll make you a website that creates a sense of trust and authority right off the bat. Here's just a few examples of my previous work:

Print Design

And, hey, print's not dead, either! Well, it is a bit, but it's still important. Whether it's flyers, business cards, or advertisements, working with print design is an entirely different world. I have over a decade's worth of experience creating beautiful advertisements that pop off the page, no matter what the medium. Here are just a few samples of my print work:

Other Projects

Web and print are all well and good, but what about all of the other miscellaneous design needs you might have? Well, I've got that covered as well. Whether it's package design, merchandise design, or any other physical object you can slap a picture on, I can help design that as well. Here's a few samples of my work in that field:

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